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Pro.ex, for the first time in our country, presents an entirely new safety initiative. This is an innovation that is tangent, as a helper, and works as a force multiplier, in your quest to build an environment of healthy development and safe operation in your business.


The decision of Pro.ex to engage in the deep structure of business safety is not an abstract thought, but a thoughtful and well-designed product that is very necessary and has been missing for missing from the market. Certainly, with good preparation, knowledge and organization, but also high efficiency from leading experts in this discipline, pushing any unorganized or opportunistic action in uncharted waters, a usual traumatic phenomenon, known, I assume, to you too, by amateur scholars in various areas of your activities.

The partners of Pro.ex guarantee the necessary knowledge and experience, all of which are focused, with all their potential, on an innovative product which spreads as a safety net, in the entire range of risks, as constituted by:

  • Existing and Potential threats.
  • Predictable and unpredictable risks.

We are sure that the result will not be merely encouraging, but immediate, certain and recognizable to you, distinguished entrepreneurs. Do not forget that safety in a business or infrastructure strengthens the disposal of human resources, for greater devotion to their work and efficiency.

It has been shown that investing in safety is reflected in the profits of the business, which are significantly enhanced.

And this is an internationally accepted acknowledgement.

Our common PRINCIPLE must be:

We must not only work, but start to work on the basis of the following three defining elements:

  • Changing mentality.
  • Conducting properly (Doing the right things).
  • Learning (Investing in knowledge).


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