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Emergency Plan

Is the definition of all prescribed and regulated procedures and actions.

It is a management system which controls, reduces the vulnerability of the infrastructure, the human factor and the environment.

It aims to address risk situations caused by natural or anthropogenic factors, usually under conditions (time and extent) that are uncontrollable (state of emergency), in order to reduce the devastating impact on human lives and material damage.


The Emergency Plan covers

ORGANIZATION of the Crisis Management Sector (Preparedness-Response-Recovery).

Fire Safety-Fire Protection PLAN.

Building-Facility Evacuation PLAN.

Evacuation Instruction LEAFLET (for the staff, employees, guests...).

Operational & Communication Crisis Management.

Response-Reaction PLAN for emergencies.

Recovery PLAN.

MEMORANDUMS of Actions (by category and type of risk).

MEMORANDUMS of Actions (by position & post) for (Administration, Crisis Management Team, “Key” Personnel, Fire Safety Team, Building Evacuation Team, First Aid Team, etc.).

TRAINING of all people involved (“key” personnel of the establishment or business, Fire Safety-Evacuation Team, First Aid Team, Security Staff...).

Preparedness DRILLS (for a timely response to any potential threat or danger).

TRAINING for communication crisis management.



The Company’s policy

The management of the Company PRO.EX. has adopted and followed a customer-based quality policy and constantly seeks to improve its relations with customers.

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